About Us

The Renfrew Kendo Dojo, strives to maintain the highest degree of character and perseverance for quality Kendo. More than just a place for one to �get in shape�, members view the Dojo as a training vehicle; a vehicle to not only hone one�s physical stamina, skill, and dexterity, but to uphold and improve on one�s discipline, character, and drive.

Our philosophy as a whole is that the facility in which the practices are held is not the dojo, but all the members who practice in it all collectively become the Dojo.

Instructors and Advisors

At the RKD, one never, ever stops learning. Therefore, one is to consider themselves a student, where the road of learning never ends. Our core group of members are those who strive to improve their physical stamina and dexterity, as well as their discipline, character, and drive.

Yoshiaki Taguchi � 7th Dan, Shihan: having practiced Kendo for nearly 30 years, Taguchi-Shihan offers a vast amount of Kendo knowledge to his students. He is extremely passionate about the art of Kendo and is very active in the Kendo community. Taguchi-Shihan most recently represented Canada as an official referee at the 14th World Kendo Championships.